Full Circle

In my freshman year of high school I remember hearing the phrase, “he who does not remember the past is doomed to repeat it,” for the first time. Naturally I assumed that the teacher was trying to scare us into studying so we didn’t have to take World Cultures again as sophomores, but there’s something to it. I’m convinced that time is not linear, but rather cyclical.

I’m sure that physicists, philosophers, and theologians have been discussing this since the beginning of time but I base my judgment on the Back to the Future movies and an overarching story I see in Scripture, namely that God created a functional universe and judged it good because it functioned how it was supposed to, but through sin this universe became dysfunctional, so in order to restore the proper function God sent his Son to live perfectly, die selflessly, and rise triumphantly.

So in short, we should expect everything to come full circle; from creation to new creation. As Qohelet said, “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done…”



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