Morning Reflections

Super Bowl

I didn’t think the Seahawks had the slightest chance of winning the Super Bowl. Boy was I wrong! They played as close to a flawless game as I’ve ever seen. Would have been nice for Peyton to get a second ring, but if I’m honest, I’d much prefer Eli to have his brother edged out in that department.


It’s snowing again. Pretty bad too.  And it’s the heavy wet kind of snow that’s going to make driving miserable. If I were more self-centered I’d think God was punishing me. Instead I think God is punishing humanity; at least the humanity of New Jersey. Why, Lord, must you cause it to snow on the just and the unjust alike? Why?!! Join me in praying for this nonsense to stop!


I acquired a new 5 shelf bookcase on Saturday and assembled it that night. The directions were wrong and I had initially installed the fix shelves upside down because that’s what the directions called for (I’m serious). I had to take it apart and do it right the second time. Then came the matter of stocking it and rearranging some other stuff. At the moment I have some of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s volumes on the top along with my New Studies in Biblical Theology series and Christopher J. H. Wright’s Knowing… series. Then there’s Biblical Theology, Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, and finally NT use of the OT, Exegesis, and Hermeneutics volumes. The thing is that I have nearly the entire bottom shelf to fill and can’t decide what I want to put there. I could just leave it empty and have room to expand, but I’d rather use the space now and worry about expansion later.


I dropped about 14 lbs. on my church’s beginning of the year Daniel Fast and I aim to keep it off. I’ve been consciously eating less and eating better since the fast ended but I cheated last night and had a bunch of pizza, wings, chips, and other stuff. I can definitely feel the difference. Eating better makes me feel better. The junk food brings pleasure, but only for a moment. After that I feel sluggish and don’t want to do anything. It really saps my energy and motivation. So it’s back to clean eating for me. I’ll allow one cheat day a week but even then I’m going to exercise moderation.



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