Initial Thoughts as a New Car Owner

I love it!

That’s all.



2 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts as a New Car Owner

  1. Nick, a friend told me to read your review of my book on the eternal generation of the Son. Your work made me smile. How you could possibly think it is a book arguing primarily for the equality of the sexes escapes me. Simply because I argue there is no subordination or ranking in divine life, along with almost every orthodox theologian, I am not arguing that the trinity can support male-female differentiated equality, or the subordination of women. I strongly believe the trinity should be left out of this debate. The trinity is our doctrine of God NOT our social agenda. How many times need I say this to be heard????

    I attach an essay by a very able “complementarian” theologian on the Trinity in general and the doctrine of the eternal generation of the Son which I believe expresses orthodoxy accurately.—full.pdf

    With greetings from Melbourne Australia, Kevin Giles

  2. Kevin: It’s always an honor to have an author comment on my blog with regard to a review that I’ve written! Thank you for your brief response. I wouldn’t characterize my review as saying that you argued “primarily” for the equality of the sexes, but as I note in the review, it isn’t in any way absent from the book. Perhaps I’m mistaken in seeing it as being as big a part of your foundation as I think it is. I fully admit to reading your latest work with all of your older work in mind.

    Last year I saw a video on YouTube of your dialog with Fred Sanders and I heard you repeatedly say what you’ve just said above, namely that the Trinity should be left out of that debate, and I wholeheartedly agree! But, your published work up until this point hasn’t convinced me that you’ve left it out. Perhaps this is only because you’re responding to others who don’t leave it out; I’ll leave that for you to confirm or deny.

    But in all, I like to think that over the years I’ve been a very appreciative, even if very critical reader of your work. Like you, I’m very passionate about the subject, which is probably why my reviews of your material are as biting as they are. I will concede that I could have been more gracious and charitable in everything I’ve ever written about your work and I apologize for the moments when I’ve said things that were probably unnecessarily harsh. God is still working on me.

    I will read the linked article with great interest, and again, thank you for your comment. I look forward to your future publications!

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