An End to the Rumors

My new favorite author, Dr. Scott Hahn, mentioned my recent post on his Facebook page, which has drawn about 10x my usual traffic to the blog (!), and also sparked a number of comments on his Facebook post. Some of his FB friends are speculating that I’m on my way to Rome if I keep reading him, especially if I pick up Rome Sweet Home! One man did a little digging and discovered that I am a former Catholic.

Well, I’d never rule out the possibility of me returning to the Church of my childhood, but I doubt very much that it would ever really happen. The filioque thing is a really big deal to me and I’m not quite convinced about the Marian Dogmas. I can co-sign quite a bit but not those things. I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that if God were to call me anywhere other than Pentecostalism it would be the Orthodox Church, preferably the Latvian variety (Seinfeld fans will get that).



2 thoughts on “An End to the Rumors

  1. Nick what about the Malakite Church surely an obvious choice. I am like yourself as I get older the Orhodox Church seems attractive. I suppose as a Catholic in a sense the Malakite Church allows me probably to have my cake and eat it. The ultimate sadness. was the failure of the Council of Florence.

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