A New Favorite Author: Scott Hahn

I’m presently reading Scott Hahn’s commentary on 1-2 Chronicles entitled The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire and he has officially become one of my favorite authors. Things were already headed in that direction after I worked through his Kinship by Covenant last year, which turned out to be my favorite book of the year, although you wouldn’t know it because I didn’t say anything about it (in all honesty, I didn’t feel competent to review it as I’d like to give it at least one more close reading before attempting such).

But one thing’s for sure; Scott Hahn is a biblical theologian of the highest caliber. He notices things that have completely escaped my attention and he’s managed to get me interested in 1-2 Chronicles! In the past I’ve said that the genealogies in 1 Chronicles 1-9 was one of the portions of Scripture I dreaded reading most. I’ve also gone on record saying that if I could create my own canon I’d take away 1-2 Chronicles! I always knew there was more to the genealogies than simply listing names, but I’ve always been too bored to search out the theology behind them. Hahn’s insights have me hungry to look into these matters in depth and that’s certainly an accomplishment!

So I’m quite glad to include Hahn among the ranks of Hurtado, Fee, Bauckham, and Dunn (who I hardly ever agree with but love reading nonetheless). I’m definitely looking forward to reading the other books by him that I have and hopefully procuring loads more in the months to come.



7 thoughts on “A New Favorite Author: Scott Hahn

  1. I highly recommend “The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth”. Also, take about an hour and listen to his talk:

    You are correct about his theology. I have listened to this a few times because it is so deep.

  2. Try to get ahold of Scott’s conversion testimony on CD. It is amazing! He has an astounding grasp of all things Catholic.

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