The Year in Purchases: Books 2013

According to my records in 2013 I spent (out of pocket):

  • $0.00 on 20 books from Amazon ($0.00 per book average)
  • $0.46 on 6 books from Westminster Bookstore ($0.08 per book average)
  • $12.95 on 6 books from Christian Book Distributors ($2.16 per book average)
  • $10.70 on 2 books from Crossway ($5.35 per book average)

For a grand total of $24.11 on 34 books ($0.67 per book average). That’s roughly 318% of last year’s total; 41% of my total from 2011; 15% of my total from 2010; 9.2% of my total from 2009, 3.5% of my total from 2008, and 1.8% of my total from 2007.  This works out to about $2.01 each month,  $0.46 per week, and roughly a little more than $0.07 a day on books.

While 2012 was my best year ever in terms of keeping my spending out of pocket down, 2013 was a not too distant second. You’ll notice that I purchased less books this year than any other. There are a few reasons for this. To start, between work, church, and spending time with my family, I haven’t had nearly as much time to read as I’ve had in years past. As responsibilities increase so does exhaustion and I don’t always have the energy to unwind with a good book either.

In addition to this I have received a number of review copies of books I would have otherwise purchased. Time hasn’t allowed me to write reviews on all I’ve read, or to read all I’ve received, but I do hope that 2014 will be the year when I return to frequently reviewing books. I do believe that the upcoming change in my work schedule will allow for this!

Thank you to all of my readers who support me by  purchasing products through my AmazonWTSand CBD affiliate links, and to my friends and family for blessing me with books or gift cards that were used to purchase books! My library would be much smaller without you all! 

For an itemized list of what I got and who I got it from see here.



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