Obvious Satire

My mother sent my pastor an article she read on Facebook that troubled her deeply. The article—originally posted on the Diversity Chronicle blog—reported that Pope Francis had declared at the Third Vatican Council that truth was relative; all religions had the same God; Adam and Eve were a fable; women would be ordained as priests and bishops; and a whole host of other nonsense. He asked me to read the article and give my thoughts.

My initial reaction was surprise over the claim that all this had been decided at the Third Vatican Council since no council had taken place. That gave me enough reason to be suspicious about the rest. I think I said something along the lines of the article being a little “too good to be true” in the sense of it containing way too many condemning statements from the present pope. I’m no fan of this pope and his constant shirking of tradition, but I couldn’t imagine him going anywhere close to as far as this article had him going.

So a quick search on the internet revealed that said article was satirical. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. It was actually an indictment against the Catholic Church and its neanderthal ways concerning things like racism, gender equality, and religious tolerance.

A long time ago I was convinced that there is going to be an actual Antichrist in the sense of a specific person and not simply a world system. I was also convinced that this person would have a false prophet come to prepare his/her way. It’s not inconceivable to me that the false prophet could be an apostate pope but I think the world will have to wait a little longer for this figure to rise up. I don’t think Francis is quite the candidate for the position. Now had the article been true my sentiments would be very different!



7 thoughts on “Obvious Satire

  1. I actually call that ‘too bad to be true’. What you describe is so common now, and I’ve had to deal with that with my mom too. It’s kind of scary, when we’re supposed to exercise discernment in the end times. Not to knock our moms.

  2. Re: the literal, personal antichrist, I’ve recently been brought to the same conviction (which places me in the minority amongst my denomination). As an aside, I’ve been doing some browsing on Islamic Mahdism – do you know anything about that?

  3. Oh, and as to the article itself, it has really surprised me how many have taken it at face value without asking for primary sources. Good reminder for us to regard things online with just as much of a healthy dose of skepticism as anywhere else, eh?

  4. Jeff: Oh, I agree that it’s bad; I meant “too good to be true” in the sense of being a big “gotcha” for those looking for reason to write off the pope as satanic.

    Tom: I know a little about the Mahdi and what I do know has me leaning toward believing that the Antichrist could very well be a Muslim political figure that resembles the traditions surrounding the Mahdi. Perry Stone wrote a book some years back called Unleashing the Beast in which he discusses some of the parallels.

  5. “Vatican 3” is a meme on many Catholic blogs about a mythic future Council in which the church finally rolls over and fully implements the liberal agenda its internal & external critics want it to.

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