In the Nick of Time

A brief testimonial. For those who don’t know, my church lost its building last year in Hurricane Sandy. We didn’t have flood insurance and even though the damage was covered by a hurricane the insurance company wouldn’t pay out because it was water that caused the damage. In any event, it would have cost upwards of $20,000 to fix and we didn’t have it. So we began meeting in my pastor’s basement. Recently, we have been blessed to have been granted access to the Manchester Township High School. We presently meet in a 600 seat auditorium and it’s glorious! We can’t wait to fill it up with citizen’s for the kingdom of God.

Anyway, yesterday I showed up for service and was immediately informed that the power adapter for our microphones had gone missing. Apparently someone left it plugged in on Wednesday evening when we were breaking everything down and we think the school’s custodial team took it. We asked and were told that they didn’t have it. I still don’t believe them. So we were forced to use the school’s microphones, which would be okay if we didn’t record the sermons. The issue is that we’re not hooked into their sound system and we can’t record off of their microphones. So we had two options: 1) Go on with their mics and don’t record, or 2) Go out and get a power adapter and plug in our mics.

We opted for the second option, which wasn’t without its difficulties. First we had to find a nearby place to get it. Radio Shack was the obvious choice. Second was the fact that the store opened when we began worship. We’d be cutting it close. Third was deciding who to send. It would have to be someone we trusted to get the right thing but someone who wasn’t needed in the service to do other things. We solved all of these problems, sent brother Jonathan, and he returned just in the nick of time. We extended worship by one song to give us some extra time and right when our guest speaker was ready to start speaking we were able to hand him one of our mics and record his message!

It was a stressful morning but we made it through, thank God! The only issue after that was when our guest preacher, Craig Fassler, accidentally turned the mic off for about two minutes. It resulted in me having to edit the sermon to cut out the beginning of a very good example story that he concluded during the time the mic was off. But such is life. It could have been much worse.



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