John Frame’s Systematic Theology: A Review Stub

This is not a standard review of Frame’s Systematic Theology because I haven’t been able to engage the entire volume. I have, however, been granted access to a few sample chapters courtesy of P&R and NetGalley. I opted to have the book sent to my Kindle so I can’t cite page numbers in speaking about the book.

Those familiar with John Frame will find a lot of stuff that they’re already used to in this volume. Frame’s triperspectivalism is front and center as is his emphasis on God’s lordship, with a focus on the so-called lordship attributes of authority, control, and presence (see chapter 1). Frame is one of those authors who has a knack for writing simply without being simplistic.

The introductory chapter asks exactly what theology is and then takes the reader through some descriptions of various theologians’ approaches to theology while offering some foundational definitions of the various forms of theology (e.g., historical, exegetical, systematic, biblical, practical). Frame unashamedly situates himself within the Reformed stream of Christianity and his treatments of the various topics are in line with the standards of his tradition without being slavishly bound to them.

Each chapter (I would assume) is concluded with a number of didactic helps such as  a “Key Terms” list; a number of “Study Questions;” a list of “Memory Verses;” and a list of recommended “Resources for Further Study.” Such a format makes this volume good for both home study and classroom use. Having only been able to see a sampling of this volume I can’t comment on its overall usefulness or quality, but I can say that I’m confident it will be quite helpful to theological students.

Standing at the heart of Frame’s work is a reverence for the Scriptures and a desire to see people submit to God’s lordship through a competent reading of his word. I can’t say whether or not this is the most biblically focused systematic theology on file but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the running. So I look forward to being able to utilize and review the entire volume in due time.


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