In the Mail

Came home to a number of packages today. The first I opened was a slender pouch containing the copy Novum Testamentum Latine I ordered from CBD the day before yesterday. I was happy to see it arrive so quickly!

The second one I opened was a thin box containing a copy of the second issue of The Journal for Trinitarian Studies and Apologetics courtesy of its editor Michael R. Burgos Jr. He contacted me the other night and told me that he was sending a copy and offered me a copy of his Kiss the Son: A Christological Apology in Response to David K. Bernard’s The Oneness of God. I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival!

The final package was a larger box that contained three volumes from T&T Clark, namely Jonathan Norgate’s Isaak A. Dorner: The Triune God and the Gospel of Salvation; Travis E. Ables’ Incarnational Realism: Trinity and the Spirit in Augustine and Barth; and finally Jason E. Sexton’s The Trinitarian Theology of Stanley J. Grenz. I am very much looking forward to getting into each and every one of these volumes!



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