In the Mail

Eerdmans sent along a copy of Bruce K. Waltke’s The Dance between God and Humanity: Reading the Bible Today as the People of God for review. This is a collection of 34 previously published articles/essays that cover a wide array of topics under two broad headings, namely, Biblical Theological Studies and Biblical Theological Themes. The book is titled after the 14th chapter, which was previously published in a Festschrift for J. I. Packer, and is, as far as I can tell, a commentary on Proverbs 15:30-16:15! I’m very much looking forward to reading a number of these essays.

As I glanced over at the book on my desk I thought that there was a bend in the cover, which was quite upsetting! Sometimes these review copies get damaged in the shipping process and there’s not much that can be done about it. But then I grabbed the book and realized it was just the way the cover was designed; it was an optical illusion! Here’s photographic evidence of what caused my momentary panic:

2013-09-03 21.15.13



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