In the Mail

So we all remember that last year I grabbed my trusty little ESV Personal Size Reference Bible (PSRB) out of my car and discovered that it was started to come apart (and if you don’t remember that then shame on you; the demise of a book is worth remembering!). I contacted Crossway when it first happened but didn’t receive a reply. No big deal; emails get lost. So I then attempted to fix the problem myself, which I thought I had done, but should have known better since my first instinct was that my efforts wouldn’t be successful in the long run. I was right. The repair didn’t keep.

So I contacted Crossway again and was met with a prompt reply. I was informed that they had reissued the PSRB line but that at this time they didn’t have a genuine leather option. I was offered any Bible of equal value as a replacement if I didn’t opt for one of the less expensive PSRB options. After perusing the choices I decided that I loved the format of the PSRB so much that I’d just get a replacement with a TruTone cover. I opted for the Navy/Chestnut, Trail Design and it arrived today! Here’s a couple of pics:

psrb1 psrb2

The print is slightly different between the two Bibles, which it seems, have employed different fonts. So even though they’re both 8pt in size, it seems that the newer edition is slightly larger. The marginal references also seem marginally larger (no pun intended). Having said that, the TruTone Bible is slightly thicker than the genuine leather original. I think this is a result of the difference in font and type size. I’d also note that they’ve chosen to omit the book introductions in the newer edition. This is most unfortunate since those introductions are quite useful in preparing readers for the text to come. For whatever it’s worth, the box that the newer comes in is way better though.

In all I believe I’ll be happy with this Bible as long as it holds together. It’s the perfect size for me to carry around; it has all those features I’ve grown to love (i.e., single column; cross references; words of Christ in black); and it’s a translation that doesn’t offend me (like, e.g., the AMPLIFIED does!). Here’s to hoping it stays together!



One thought on “In the Mail

  1. I also got the new edition, and it’s much better. Although it isn’t perfect, they match the lines on each side of the page, which makes it a lot more readable. And the font is bigger now – rather than about 18 words per line, it’s 14 now.

    I loved it so much that I actually sent it to Mechling bookbinders for a blue goatskin cover. I’ll have to post a review when I get it.

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