In the Mail

A longtime reader, J. J. Monde, was kind enough to send me a vintage copy of the Jerusalem Bible. This particular Bible has certainly seen some use but the text is clean. I’m looking forward to thumbing through the pages and checking out some of the notes. I remember well my days in AOL chat rooms debating the Bible and theology with a skeptic who called himself Hadrian (clever, I know). His main source of information was the La Bible de Jérusalem, which of course, is the original French version that the copy I just received is based on.

Hadrian was mesmerized by the historical-critical notes and took what seemed like everything contained in them as being of equivalent authority to the Scriptures themselves. I can recall challenging Hadrian on dozens of points of interpretation, but also at a more fundamental level, which in retrospect was akin to presuppositionalism. In any event, it’s nice to have a copy that I can finally check out for myself. I’ve only seen New Jerusalem Bibles and I’m sure they’re quite different from the version they’re based on.

So thanks to J. J. for this gracious gift!



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