Bible Repair

So I’ve been teaching a short series on Biblical interpretation at my church on Wednesday evenings—tomorrow will be the final class—and I thought to myself that I should be teaching my daughter all of this stuff as well. I’ve tried to make everything easy enough for a child to understand although I’m sure from time to time I go off on tangents and people have no clue what I’m saying.

Anyway… I started teaching my daughter these interpretive principles tonight and we’re going to go through the Bible and apply them over pretty much the rest of our lives (I’d love to go through an entire chapter a day but don’t see that actually happening). So she grabbed her Seek & Find ESV and I didn’t feel like the bulk of the ESV Study Bible, The Reformation Study Bible, or the Lutheran Study Bible and was left with only one option, my Personal Size ESV Reference Bible.

The problem is that this Bible fell apart on me for reasons unknown to me. I contacted Crossway about a replacement quite some time ago and they never got back to me. I’m sure the email just got lost in the shuffle and seeing as how it was a review copy I can’t really complain and demand a replacement. Anyway… So I pulled out that Bible and was extremely irked by the state of the text block coming completely apart from the leather cover. The binding seems to be perfectly intact but that cover is nowhere near the text block.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and attempt a repair. I mixed up some epoxy, applied it to the text block, pressed it firmly against the cover, and am presently weighting it down with a wooden board and a heavy toolbox. The epoxy should be set within the hour but I’ll let it sit undisturbed overnight in hopes that by morning the Bible will be as good as new. I really did enjoy that little Bible and I’d love to make use of it again.  Pray for my success!



3 thoughts on “Bible Repair

  1. Chuck: True enough; but it’s a real book! And real books deserve to not be ripped apart from their covers and spines! Now those ebooks; who cares what happens to them?

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