On Greek Greek Grammars

In thinking about language acquisition I was just struck by the thought that many, if not most, students will never get out of translating in their head if their textbooks are written in their native tongue. If I read a Greek grammar and it explains to me in English how Greek works, and then tells me what individual Greek words mean (or translate as) in English, then how am I ever supposed to get past thinking about Greek in English? Thinking about this makes me like the idea of immersion learning all the more. Speaking to the students about the language they’re learning in the language they’re learning has to be fruitful. Wouldn’t you think?



3 thoughts on “On Greek Greek Grammars

  1. You’re on the right path!

    This is a discussion I’ve been involved in lately, and I think Michael Holcomb has a short Greek grammar in Greek book coming out soon.

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