On Unprofessional Fights

I had to break up a near fight at my place of employment yesterday. One of the barbers got into it with his customer and a shoving match ensued. I quickly got in between them and told both men to cool off. I’ll spare you the details of why it started or what was said, but I did want to mention something that a coworker said. He said something like, “Man, I was really hoping that they’d fight.” To which I replied, “I wasn’t.”

Well, why not? Aside from not wanting to have to speak to the police and sign my name to any reports, I never want to see civilians fighting one another. There could have been serious damage to the barber shop, as in the case of a fight from last year where two men went through the front window, but worse, there could have been serious damage to either man involved. Who wants to see that?

And I say this as a fan of professional combat sports. I love boxing and MMA; always have. But those fighters are professionals. They train to fight and they know what they’re getting into. There’s rules in place and referees to protect the fighters. There are doctors to evaluate a fighter’s competence to continue and cut-men to fix them up in between rounds. It’s an entirely different beast. I’ll watch professional fights until the cows come home but I hope and pray I never witness another street fight in my life.



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