Not Much to Say

When I got into blogging it was really an extension of debates I was having in AOL chat rooms. The blog afforded me the space to wax eloquent without interruption from heretical interlocutors. The earliest posts on this blog are almost all apologetic in that I was arguing against some heretic or atheist or irreligious cultist. But in the nearly seven years since I started this blog I’ve come to realize that responding to enemies of the faith on the internet   is best left to those who still have youthful zeal.

Then I got into biblical studies and learned a bit about historical criticism and I was filled with all sorts of questions and doubts. I used the blog as a sounding board for thinking through issues like inerrancy or the historicity of certain events/people in Scripture. A question would pop into my head and I’d ask it and usually receive plenty of answers in response. But the more I’ve read, and the more I’ve grown, the more those doubts waned and those questions were answered. I suppose new questions might pop up but I have a somewhat different way of getting them answered these days (i.e., prayerful study; dialog with a select few rather than all of the interwebs).

And of course there was always the random thought that popped into my head or the meme that I was tagged with. The occasional post about movies, music, or television was a nice fallback as well. Well, I randomly think almost exclusively on Twitter these days. I find that the blog affords me way more space than I need to rattle off such sage aphorisms. And I’m not sure that memes even still exist. I don’t think I’ve seen one since like 2008 so there’s no more participating in that nonsense.

I still watch movies and TV but much less frequently, and when I do, it’s to unwind and fall asleep. I’m not about to lose sleep over telling folks what I’ve been watching and how I’ve enjoyed it. That isn’t to say that I won’t do such when I have the time and energy. And music, O music, how I long to do a retrospective series on my favorite rap albums. It might actually happen one day. We’ll see. But for now it seems like the blog will continue to be a feed for announcing what books I’ve received for review, what books I’ve won in contests, and the occasional book review. The goal is always four per month but that’s become increasingly difficult. The reading isn’t the problem as much as the writing of reviews. I’ve gotten lazy in my old age.

So it would seem that these days I don’t have much to say. Or, I do, but I say it on Twitter, and what can’t fit in a tweet is too time consuming for me to put on the blog. God only knows if and when any of this will change.



6 thoughts on “Not Much to Say

  1. While I’ve not blogged nearly to the extent you have (sort of like the ratio of books I’ve received to yours!), I’ve already slacked off quite a bit in the last several months. It’s mostly due to school, but I just can’t muster the wherewithal to post anything. When I have free time in the evenings or at night, I spend it watching TV. Oh well…

  2. Jason: Same here. I was unemployed for a while and then I worked from home for a while, which both afforded me the entire day to think about stuff to blog about. Now I work away from home and have a bunch of obligations at church so when I’m home I like to spend time with my daughter and chill out. Blogging ends up being the last thing on my mind. Never thought I’d see the day, but see it I have.

    James: Twitter has definitely had an effect on my blogging. It’s so much easier to do, and being able to do it from my phone wherever I’m at is a huge convenience. I can blog from my phone too, but it requires way more thought and effort, and I’m never pleased with the aesthetic result. I need my PC to format my posts properly.

    I hope to be able to say more on the blog but I’m not confident that I will any time soon. In the meantime, I always enjoy reading your quotations and idle musings. I especially enjoy your posts about gardening or building tree houses and secret closet hideouts. :-)

  3. Esteban: I would love to but it’s such a daunting task. So much music to review. And then cajoling it all into a coherent whole would probably take a mind much greater than my own.

  4. You can do it. Read a couple of books on similar subjects to get an idea of what such a project would look like, prepare an outline, and have at it. I need to read that book, and I need you to be the author!

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