Great Customer Service

I’m a big fan of good customer service. Sadly, it’s a rare commodity these days. I’m happy to report that I experienced the opposite a few minutes ago. Here’s what happened:

My daughter bought 4 pre-owned PS3 games from GameStop last month with gift cards she received for Christmas. Now if you knows anything about GameStop then you know that they keep the actual discs in the back of the store and insert them in the cases upon checkout. Apparently, someone forgot to insert 2 of the 4 games! We just found out tonight because my daughter hasn’t played them all yet and we never thought to check the cases.

So I was miffed. I automatically assumed that she was beat because the games were purchased a month ago and I had no way of proving that they made the mistake. I’m sure people have tried to scam the store in order to get replacements of games they’ve ruined or extra copies of games they’ve purchased. I’m cynical like that. But I decided to call the store and plead my case.

Initially I spoke to a sales associate and told him what happened. His response was, “What?!” He said he’s have to pass me along to the assistant manager to see what could be done. I explained that she got the games, that she’s only played one of them so she didn’t know about the others, and that two were missing. I explained that I understood that people might try to scam them so rather than asking for the games outright, I asked if they had anyway of accounting for extra games when doing inventory.

The assistant manager didn’t even bother explaining their inventory procedures or telling me that he’d look into it. Without hesitation he told me to bring in the receipt and he’d give me the games. It was that simple. Problem solved. And to be honest, it was a bit of a shock, because like I said, good customer service is becoming harder and harder to come by these days. So thanks to Steve at GameStop for all the help. I greatly appreciate it!



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