To All of My Readers Who Comment

Anyone who has been a regular reader of this blog for more than the last year knows that I value comments. One of the reasons I got into blogging was for the discussion. I don’t have many friends who share my interests in theology and biblical studies so blogging has always been a way to make those connections and talk about or debate such matters. I used to slavishly respond to every single comment left on the blog but in recent times I have been neglecting such responses. I’m sorry. I’d love to blame it on the busyness of life, and that is a part of the reason, but there’s really no excuse since I can respond to comments from my phone no matter where I’m at. The truth is that I’ve grown lazy. So I’m going to do my best to keep up with the comments and continue the dialog that this blog was once known for. Bear with me.



6 thoughts on “To All of My Readers Who Comment

  1. Well, as much as I enjoyed your interaction with guests, your frequent submissions of book reviews were more enjoyable. Speaking of book reviews, did you ever get a copy of From Pentecost to the Triune God? I ordered it at the library I work at (shared by Pentecostal Theological Seminary/Lee University).

  2. Troy: I did get my copy. I read through the intro and a little of the first chapter but put it down to focus on some other stuff. I hope to get back to it soon but it won’t be for a few weeks at least.

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