Reviewing Rob Bell’s New Book

My reaction to the thought of reviewing Rob Bell’s new book:



6 thoughts on “Reviewing Rob Bell’s New Book

  1. I have never read one of his books. I remember reading an account of R A Torrey visiting a small church with his son, while on holidays. His son was surprised that his father jotted down some notes during poor sermon. When questioning his father about it, R.A Torrey replied – It’s easy to criticise – but I have developed the habit of looking for the gold, in the dross.

    I just wonder what nuggets of gold, Bell brings to the table?

  2. Craig: I have read some of Bell’s stuff and it’s dreadful. I can appreciate what you’re saying but at what point do we decide it’s not worth the effort to dig through a ton of trash in order to find a nugget of gold?

  3. Hi Nick. I agree that there is stuff around that’s not worth my time and effort reading, which is why there is a lot I haven’t read.

    I think that even if we don’t intend to read what someone has written; we can appreciate that they have taken the time and effort to write what they believe, and therefore I think respect is needed to be given to all authors and not just those we agree with.

    I was surprised to see your post as it seemed to align with the many so called discerning blogs which mock Rob Bell and other non reformed writers.

  4. That really cracked me up so thanks! That said, I really do like reading Bell’s growing corpus.

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