The Wrong Place

My pastor preached about humility this morning and he made a comment to the effect that he had searched YouTube and found very few sermons about humility. You’d think that Christians who are called to humility would preach more about it. But I knew instinctively that he was looking in the wrong place. I pulled up the SermonAudio app on my phone and found 500 sermons on humility within seconds. And I suspect that they were just the ones with the word humility in the title. I’m sure there are plenty that address humility without naming it in the title.

So I said all this to say: (1) download the SermonAudio app on your phone; it’s awesome (!), and (2) YouTube isn’t necessarily the best place to gauge what’s going on in Christian preaching.



One thought on “The Wrong Place

  1. Also, John Dickson’s “Humilitas” is great. Perfect example of a scholar using his research to reach the Church.

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