A Thiseltonian Inclusio

I’ve just finished reading Anthony Thiselton’s review of Stanley Porter and Jason C. Robinson’s Hermeneutics: An Introduction to Interpretive Theory. In the opening paragraph Thiselton states that:

They have produced a clear, eminently readable, and wide-ranging work on hermeneutics that deserves a wide readership. On [sic] of the important features of this book is that is rightly  covers such diverse areas as philosophy, linguistics, hermeneutics, biblical studies, and  theology. It rightly focuses on the whole area of hermeneutics; it is not a simplified “how  to” book on exegesis.

In the closing paragraph he says:

All in all, this is a clear, readable, and eminently competent and well-informed book. Best of all, it is genuinely about hermeneutics, not just one more book about exegetical methods. The authors also firmly grasp the need for interdisciplinary expertise today.

This forms an inclusio, which brackets all that Thiselton has to say about the interdisciplinary task of hermeneutics and the value of this book throughout the review. You’re welcome for the in-depth exegetical insight.



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