God is Amoral?

Had a brief conversation with a Muslim customer the other day. Something was on the TV and someone asked how a good God could allow bad things to happen. The Muslim gentleman said that’s a good question and asked his barber for an answer. The barber threw the question back to him, citing his religion as a reason to believe that he’d be an expert on the topic (rather than the unbelieving barber).

So the Muslim proceeded to talk about how there is no good or evil with God. Just as God transcends time he also transcends morality. Good and evil are created concepts that make sense to us, his creatures, alone; just like time. I thought it a good opportunity to throw my two cents in but not before allowing him a chance to elaborate. His elaboration actually muddied the waters though.

He eventually said that in our limited knowledge we each decide what is good and evil for us. In other words, he began to argue for subjective morality. That was my cue to enter the conversation and share that God provides the standard of morality. I agreed that we have limited knowledge but I appealed to revelation as the counterbalance to this fact. We don’t need to know all that God knows in order to know what God has said to us in his word.

So morality for the Christian isn’t subjective—something that we decide on our own—it’s something objective because God has spoken. God doesn’t transcend morality like he does time; he perfectly exemplifies it as the lone perfect moral being that exists. The Christian God is very much concerned with good and evil; he’s not aloof like the god that this gentleman worships.

Much more was said, especially with regard to every human’s innate knowledge of the truth (cf. Rom. 1), and surprisingly he said that he agreed with most of what I was saying. God willing he’ll end up worshiping and serving the God I was saying it about.



One thought on “God is Amoral?

  1. Nick, I just read through both Exodus and Deuteronomy, and I found myself putting God on trial. In the end, I’m a mere mortal.

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