Not My Signature

So I had to fill out some paperwork to be added as a signer to my church’s bank account. This means I can write checks and sign them. Well, the original paperwork got screwed up and the lady that handled it no longer worked at the bank a few days after we went there to get me added to the account. Now we had to fill out the paperwork again!

I had to sign two separate documents and after I signed them I was told that I’d have to sign my middle initial. “But I don’t sign my middle initial,” I said. “It’s on your license,” I was told in reply. So in other words you don’t want my signature since you’re asking me to write something I never write. You want my name. There’s a difference.

I’m telling you right now that when I write checks I’ll be appending my signature to them; not simply my name with the middle initial present. Whoever doesn’t like it can deal with it. And that’s all I have to say about that.



2 thoughts on “Not My Signature

  1. They were QUITE wrong to do that. The practical purpose of the signature, beyond compliance with Federal Law in customer identification, is to verify that the signatures affixed to a check are indeed genuine. Now you can’t quite do that if the signature on file does not correspond to the actual signature of the maker!

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