Question Everything: A Fresh Way to Read the Best Selling Book of All Time

pdc.jpgEllis, B. Tyler. 

Question Everything: A Fresh Way to Read the Best Selling Book of All Time

n.p.: Dust Storm Books, 2012. Pp. 956. Paper. $24.95.




With thanks to B. Tyler Ellis for this review copy!

Question Everything is a unique book for students of the New Testament in that it teaches by way of questioning. B. Tyler Ellis (a campus minister at the University of Delaware) asks a single question of every verse of the NT. The goal, of course, is to guide the reader back to the source for the answer. Every chapter of the book, which corresponds to every chapter in the NT, concludes with a page that asks what the chapter reveals about God, oneself, and others as well as asking what difference it makes.

While I wouldn’t recommend a volume such as this for in depth Bible study I would recommend it as a good tool to familiarize oneself with the basics of the NT. The questions asked don’t seek to move beyond the surface of the text, asking who, what, where, when, why, and how. But this shouldn’t be taken to imply that the surface is unimportant. All too often amateur (and sometimes veteran) interpreters want to plumb the depths of the text without first attending to the principle things.

This is really a book that can be utilized by anyone who reads. I’d be as comfortable putting it in my 11 year old daughter’s hands as I would in the hands of an adult believer. At the end of the day any resource that encourages us to return to the Bible is a welcome one. Question Everything is just such a resource.



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