Much Too Kind

I don’t know how I missed this post from 5:42 AM yesterday (Jan. 2, 2013), but Dave Black said:

5:42 AM You really gotta hand it to Nick Norelli. When he promises to review a book, the man follows through. I am too preoccupied these days with my own book projects to produce many reviews, but I thoroughly enjoy Nick’s work. I imagine very few of us could match his prodigious output. Nick, I commend you not only for the quantity but the quality of your reviews. Thank you for keeping the rest of us abreast, although the mass of publications today has now become so great that no one scholar can possibly be in touch with all of it.

So … kudos, congratulations, and a hearty “Thank You!”

I’m grateful that anyone reads my reviews; and I’m certainly glad that some people find them in some way useful; but I’m humbled when a scholar of Dave Black’s caliber takes notice and offers such kind words. It’s an honor. Truly.

So I’d like to thank Dave, and not only for his kind words, but also for the consistently positive, Christ-loving spirit he models. I’m constantly challenged to “come up higher” (as they say in my circles) when I read Dave’s reflections on serving Christ at home and abroad and in the church and academy. Would that we all had such balanced fervor!



2 thoughts on “Much Too Kind

  1. Dave is correct Nick. You make reading a book review enjoyable and I’ve never known you to be excessively critical nor mindlessly forgiving. Dave is a great fellow too! Keep up the good work brother!

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