The Year in Purchases: Books 2012

According to my records in 2012 I spent (out of pocket):

  • $0.00 on 18 books from Amazon ($0.00 per book average)
  • $3.74 on 20 books from Westminster Bookstore ($0.19 per book average)
  • $0.00 on 10 books from Reformation Heritage Books ($0.00 per book average)
  • $0.16 on 5 books from Christian Book Distributors ($0.03 per book average)
  • $0.00 on 3 books from Barnes & Noble ($0.00 per book average)

For a grand total of $3.90 on 56 books ($0.07 per book average). That’s roughly 6.5% of last year’s total; 2.4% of my total from 2010; 1.5% of my total from 2009, 0.56% of my total from 2008, and 0.28% of my total from 2007.  This works out to about $0.33 each month,  $0.08 per week, and roughly a little more than $0.01 a day on books.

This is clearly my best year ever in terms of keeping my spending out of pocket down. The goal was not to spend anything out of pocket but I really can’t be mad at dropping less than $4 on books this year. I have to thank all of my readers who support me by clicking on the WTS links and purchasing products through Amazon and CBD through my affiliate links and my mother and father as well as other friends for their generous giving of gift cards to various book selling outlets— you’ve all made these purchases possible.

For an itemized list of what I got and who I got it from see here.



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