The Year in Book Reviews 2012

Here’s a complete list of all the book reviews I’ve written (or spoken) in 2012. In all I didn’t do as many as I would have liked to, but I blame it on increased responsibilities at church, work, and home. In any event, I’m quite thankful to have been able to review as many as I have, and I’d like to thank all of the publishers who generously provided me with review copies. Happy New Year to you all!


Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl (Audio Review)

Paul’s Letter to the Romans: A Commentary

The Book of Exodus: A Critical, Theological Commentary

Romans: A New Covenant Commentary

Colossians and Philemon: A New Covenant Commentary

A Different Priest: The Epistle to the Hebrews

January Reviewlets


ESV Single Column Legacy Bible: A Pictorial Review

Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism

A Cosmic Leap of Faith: An Authorial, Structural, and Theological Investigation of the Cosmic Christology in Col 1:15-20

From Jewish Prophet to Gentile God: The Origins and Development of New Testament Christology

Christology in the Synoptic Gospels: God or God’s Servant?

Jesus the Savior: The Meaning of Jesus Christ for Christian Faith


Worshipping Trinity: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth


The Oxford Handbook of the Trinity

Forsaken: The Trinity and the Cross, and Why It Matters (Audio Review)

The Lord is the Spirit: The Holy Spirit and Divine Attributes


“In the Original Text It Says”: Word-Study Fallacies and How to Avoid Them

Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics: Foundations and Principles of Evangelical Biblical Interpretation


Premium Leather NIV Single Column Reference Bible: A Pictorial Review

The Eternal Generation of the Son: Maintaining Orthodoxy in Trinitarian Theology


Except for Fornication: The Teaching of the Lord Jesus on Divorce and Remarriage

Creation and Christology: A Study on the Johannine Prologue in the Light of Early Jewish Creation Accounts


The Stain that Stays: The Church’s Response to the Misconduct of Its Leaders


Delighting in the Trinity: Why Father, Son, and Spirit are Good News. 2nd ed.

The Hard Corps: Combat Training for the Man of God

Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith


Paul’s Divine Christology (Review)

Paul’s Divine Christology: Some Recorded Thoughts (Audio)

Accidental Pharisees: Avoiding Pride, Exclusivity, and the Other Dangers of Overzealous Faith


The Moral Disciple: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

IVP Pocket Dictionary Reference App


The Development of Christology during the First Hundred Years: And Other Essays on Early Christian Christology

The Quest for the Trinity: The Doctrine of God in Scripture, History and Modernity

And God Spoke to Abraham: Preaching from the Old Testament

Devotions on the Greek New Testament: 52 Reflections to Inspire & Instruct

The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek: Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming



9 thoughts on “The Year in Book Reviews 2012

  1. Chris: It appears that he got it for $72.15, which is a steal if you ask me!

    TC: Thanks! I definitely feel like I slacked off in 2012. I was off to a great start in January but it tapered off quite a bit. I hope to write 50 reviews this year.

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