On McDonald’s and Inconsistency

The McDonald’s by my job offers a 2 breakfast sandwiches for $3 deal in the morning. The 2 sandwiches in question are Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles. It’s a fantastic sandwich that I enthusiastically recommend to anyone who doesn’t care about their health.

Well, this morning I asked my daughter if she’s ever had one. She said no, so I decided to run to the McDonald’s by my house and get a few. I asked if they did the 2 for $3 deal and they said yes. I was then asked if I wanted Egg McMuffins or Sausage McGriddles. I don’t like Egg McMuffins so I naturally opted for the Sausage McGriddles.

Something told me to ask if they had egg and cheese on them. They didn’t. So I proceeded to say that I didn’t want the 2 for $3 and instead just give me 3 Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles and 3 hash browns.

Do you know how much I spent? More than $13!!! Had it been the Mcdonald’s by the job I would have gotten 4 of the sandwiches I wanted and 3 hasbrowns for $9.63. Instead I get a sandwich less and pay $4 more! Incredible! I know now that I won’t be getting breakfast from McDonald’s around here anymore.



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