Movie Notes: The Forgotten Edition

I neglected to mention a couple of flicks I’ve seen recently because I forgot that I saw them and/or I already mentioned them on Twitter. But here they are:

The Amazing Spider-Man — There were things that I loved about this movie and things that I hated. I hated the villain. Lizard looked terrible and I always thought it was one of the weaker Marvel villains anyway. I was also irked by how many people found out Spider-Man’s secret identity so easily. He’s like the sloppiest superhero ever. But I thought Andrew Garfield played the character well. Totally different than Toby Maguire. I liked Emma Stone in this one as well, but then again, I like her in pretty much everything she’s in. It was a nice change of pace to use Gwen Stacy and get away from Mary Jane Watson. I wished they would have done more with Dennis Leary though. The action was good. I liked that the webs were synthetic in this version. Made it more believable if that makes any sense. All in all I’d watch it again.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — This is one of the most inventive twists on the genre to come around in a long time. I thought the effects were fantastic and I loved the whole concept behind it. That being said, it was lacking a bit in story development. It really made no sense for him to just up and forget about vampires as he was making his rise to the presidency. I was also torn between whether or not I liked the whole different kinds of vamps with different kinds of abilities deal. I’m a sucker for the classics so I like all my vampires and their powers to be uniform.



2 thoughts on “Movie Notes: The Forgotten Edition

  1. Personally, I thought this Spiderman was just Twilight repackaged. Though I thought the Toby Maquire versions needed some work, I didn’t think they were so bad that they so desperately needed to be redone; at least not so soon.

    However, a perfect example of a movie that needed to be redone was Hulk with Edward Norton. The previous attempt I thought was pathetic and needed redemption.

  2. Mike: Really? Twilight?!!

    I don’t think the reboot had much to do with Toby Maguire’s trilogy at all (whether good or bad). This version just decided to take a different direction based on different comics.

    I agree with you that the 2003 Hulk with Eric Bana was horrible. I hated almost everything about it. Norton’s Hulk was so much better. I was initially disappointed that he didn’t reprise the role in The Avengers but Mark Ruffalo played the character even better than he did, I think!

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