Another Convert

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had one, but it appears that my past efforts have won another Blogger user over to WordPress! The latest convert is Geoff Smith, formerly of and presently blogging here.

The exact words of his last Blogger post were: “I decided to make the switch to wordpress. Mostly because Nick Norreli [sic] prefers it so much.” Well AMEN!!! Welcome aboard. Now I can comment on your blog without having to jump through hoops!



5 thoughts on “Another Convert

  1. Wow, I totally left the other ‘l’ out of your name. I remember thinking to double check…then I didn’t. Ha!

  2. “One R two Ls”, which in french reads “un air de zèle” (an air of zeal) — “I am Nick Norelli, with an air of zeal.”
    I thought you should know :)

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