My Favorite Gift

I got a bunch of stuff today. My parents blessed me with gift cards to Reformation Heritage Books that allowed me to order the 10 books pictured below:

2012-12-17 15.11.12

In addition to that I got a nice watch; a couple of gift cards to various places; some pajama pants; dress socks; and a few video games that had been on my Amazon wish list for the longest.

I love everything I got, really, I do! But my favorite gift was from my daughter. With her own money, she purchased me a Bible, a small notebook, and a pack of pens. What makes this so great is that it isn’t the first Bible she’s gotten me; in fact, she’s gotten me a few. Now she knows that I have dozens of Bibles. She knows that I have notebooks and pens. And yet she continues to get me this kind of stuff. Why? And why would they be my favorite gifts?

Well—quite simply—when my daughter looks at me she sees a guy who loves the Bible. I can’t describe how great that makes me feel. She sees a man of the word. Someone who can actually use another Bible and some more paper and pens to write down the things he’s learning. I only pray that she feels the same way as I continue to inundate her with new Bibles as time goes by.



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Gift

  1. It’s a biography. I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure the author offers some analysis of his own. I don’t think it’s just a recounting of events in Van Til’s life.

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