Some People Just Get It

I was speaking with a brother after service on Sunday and he mentioned how he just received a Kindle Fire as a gift. He was a bit fidgety when he was talking about it and he said something like, “I got this Kindle Fire, and it’s cool and all…” and that’s when my ears began to perk up. He completed the sentence by saying, “…but it’s just not the same as a real book. I need to be able to hold a book when I’m reading it.” I concurred, naturally, and we proceeded to have a fantastic conversation about the superiority of the printed page over the digital one. Some people just get it. He’s one of those people. May his tribe increase.



4 thoughts on “Some People Just Get It

  1. i have a kindle and a bookshelf full of books. both have their place. for longer books, more than 300 pages, I like paper books. Any book less than that, I would consider a kindle copy. The kindle offers a particular benefit in having a built in dictionary, which is particularly useful when reading Calvin’s Institutes. There is also space savings.

  2. Doug: I hear ya. I have thousands of e-books in various formats but nothing compares to the real thing. Space is always an issue but in the end more books will just be the catalyst to get a bigger place that can accommodate them all!

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