In the Mail

The books keep rolling in, which is always a good thing. Today I received a copy of Douglas S. Huffman’s The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek for review from Kregel. A quick flip through tells me that this is going to be quite the useful little reference tool. It’s a one stop shop for everything the exegete needs to remember but might have forgotten.

I also received the used copy of Resurrection and Eschatology: Theology in the Service of the Church, which is the Festschrift for Richard B. Gaffin Jr. I bought a used copy that was said to be “like new.” Well, there was some slight damage to the dust cover and this was the extent of the damage to the actual volume:

2012-12-11 12.50.09

Now I’d never describe that as “like new” but it ain’t so bad and considering that I got a $35.99 book for $6.99 I ain’t complaining. I’ll take some dented pages.



2 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Yes, inaccurate used book descriptions are so annoying. How could they call that like new?! But, yes for the price you can’t complain. When I describe a book for sale, I go overboard to be accurate. If I have any doubt about the category of condition it should fall in, I put it in the lower one. I’d rather have the buyer get the book and find it better than they thought, than worse.

  2. LLM: I wish all used booksellers were like you! I’ve been pleasantly surprised a few times by booksellers (although it always seems to be CBD in particular) underselling their product. But more than a few times I’ve been disappointed by people overselling (= lying about) what they had on offer.

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