In the Mail

An embarrassment of riches today.

First, I received the copy of John Thompson’s Modern Trinitarian Perspectives that I ordered along with my my Blu-ray/DVD combo of The Dark Knight Rises. I got this book used for less than $8. You really can’t beat that and it’s in perfect condition (and the shipping was free!).

Second, I received an email about a week or so ago from a reader of the blog named Marty Alan Michelson asking if I’d like a copy of one of his books. No strings attached. He just wanted to pass it along as a way of saying that he appreciates what I’m doing ’round these parts. Well, his book The Greatest Commandment: The LORD’s Invitation to Love arrived today and I’m incredibly grateful.

Third, I got two books from Eerdmans for review. The first was A. E. Harvey’s Is Scripture Still Holy?: Coming of Age with the New Testament. I’m really interested in this one! The second was Barry G. Webb’s The Book of Judges in the NICOT series. This is my first NICOT volume but hopefully it will not be my last!



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