Just Ordered

I just ordered a used copy of Resurrection and Eschatology: Theology in Service of the Church at the recommendation of my dear friend Esteban. I got it for $6.99 plus shipping. Not too shabby. It was listed as “like new” but that doesn’t always mean much. Here’s to hoping the description was accurate. You can see the table of contents, foreword, and introduction here.



4 thoughts on “Just Ordered

  1. Hey bro, I just got my copy since your post regarding this book got me interested. What sealed it for me to get this book was the article on Psalm 110, a Psalm abused by unitarians to disprove the Deity of Christ. Sadly, however, I am disappointed by Waltke’s exegesis. He even makes a major mistake on p. 81 where he says Moses is never called a priest in the OT. This is simply wrong since Psalm 99:6 says that he and Aaron were among God’s priests. I hope the other articles prove worthwhile since Waltke’s exegesis was what pushed me over the edge to get the book, and yet it turned out to be a huge disappointment, at least for me.

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