Book Deals

The Westminster Bookstore is running a number of good sales right now.

For ONE WEEK ONLY you can get Meet the Puritans and A Puritan Theology for $45. I can vouch for A Puritan Theology. There’s two great essays on the Trinity in the early chapters. I’ll have something to say about each in the weeks to come.

They’re also selling Vern Poythress’ latest book Inerrancy and the Gospels for $9, which is 50% off the sticker price. I plan to pick up a physical copy of this book in the near future but for the moment I’ve been skimming it online. Poythress is great about putting his works in their entirety online for readers to freely access!

They also have Donald Hagner’s The New Testament: An Historical and Theological Introduction for $29.99, which is the cheapest I’ve seen it on any retailer site. Christmas is coming up so feel free to pick up and extra copy of this one and send it to me. :-)

Happy shopping!



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