I Love WordPress but…

I love WordPress but I don’t always love the things they do to improve their blogging platform. The new media uploader is awful. It makes things so much more difficult than they need to be. Why does WordPress insist on torturing me with such change?!!



6 thoughts on “I Love WordPress but…

  1. Unfortunately they have always had interface problems. I think it is a mixture of feature creep and incompetence from whomever is responsible for overseeing this part of WordPress. They really need to focus on user experience and feedback and less on features. That said, I am glad their is a free blogging version and not just WordPress.org :-)

  2. James: Right?!!

    Nathan: If they’re going to spring these changes on us unannounced then they should at least provide a video tutorial. But I hate change in general so that wouldn’t even fix it! And I’ve heard that WordPress.org is incredibly difficult to get the hang of. It’s one of the things that keeps me blogging on a free platform. Well, that, and the FREE part! ;-)

  3. For all of its hassle, WordPress is still feature packed and plenty usable. I’d hate to have to start over with Blogger or something. A lot of software publishers release patch notes or upcoming features. I’m not sure if WordPress does that, or if they do, how widely publicized they are.

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