Barth’s Dogmatics for $89.99!

CBD is selling Barth’s Church Dogmatics for a mere $89.99 right now! That’s $10 cheaper than I got it for! It’s a measly $6.43 per volume! Take advantage while this deal and supplies last!



4 thoughts on “Barth’s Dogmatics for $89.99!

  1. Shipping is around the $110 mark. Though, our Aussie dollar is in a good position compared to the US dollar, so some saving is there. Right now, I need to build or get a good bookshelf to house what I already have ;)

  2. Craig: Ouch! It would be nice if CBD could set up shop in your part of the world as well.

    I feel your pain on needing some good shelving. I’m constantly having to box up older stuff to make room for the newer stuff. I’d really like to have enough space to display it all.

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