Just Ordered

Okay folks, thanks for voting on what I should spend my $40 Barnes & Noble gift card on, but as per my custom, I went with something completely different than I had been considering all along. It always works out like this. I’ll deliberate over a couple of books for days and days only to scrap what I’d been thinking about and choose something seemingly random. Only this time my picks weren’t so random. They fit nicely with my recent Amazon order (A House for My Name & The Four).

I decided to pick up copies of Peter Leithart‘s Against ChristianityThe Baptized Body; and Blessed are the Hungry. I can honestly say that there are few authors who challenge me the way that Leithart does. I always feel my brain getting a workout when I read his books. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a great writer either. So I figured that I’d try to mix and match various books and come as close to $40 as possible. With tax this order ended up costing $39.76. Not bad!

At the moment I’m enjoying Leithart’s A Son to Me: An Exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel. In fact, it’s my enjoyment of this book that made finally deciding on these others so easy. I was a huge fan of typological readings of Scripture as a new believer and somewhere along the line I was indoctrinated into believing that such readings weren’t allowed if one wants to be faithful to the text. Leithart challenges this conventional “wisdom” and has renewed my love for this pre-Enlightenment hermeneutic. I’m very much looking forward to all these books!



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