IVP Pocket Dictionary Reference App

So I get to Bible study and receive an email from Adrianna Wright from IVP informing that IVP is launching a new app for some of their Pocket Reference dictionaries. So I downloaded a preview copy of the app, which only costs $1.99 once in the Android market (I’ve been informed that it will be available for iOS soon), and started playing around with it during Bible study. Here’s what the title page looks like:

Once the app loads up it takes you to this page, which lists the various dictionaries. It comes pre-loaded with the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms with the Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion and the Pocket Dictionary of Ethics on the way soon.

Click on the description and the various terms pop up.

The terms range from “a posteriori, a priori’ to “radical reformation” with a whole lot in between and quite a few terms after. I decided to test it out by looking at the entry on “allegory, allegorical method.”

And here’s the same entry with an enlarged font:

One nice feature is the ability to share the entries via Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Admittedly, I didn’t actually share it, but I’m sure down the line I will find a time to do so.

There’s a note taking feature. Here’s what it looks like unannotated:

Here’s what it looks like with a note written:

And the last thing I looked at was the list feature, which shows the various options available to the user.

Now in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that my phone started to act wonky after I downloaded the app from the free link provided to me. There was a warning about downloading apps not from the Google Play store and I had to adjust my security settings to allow it. After I did that everything seemed to be working fine but after a few minutes I kept feeling the vibrations that should be reserved only for when I’m scrolling or clicking something on the phone. The problem was that I wasn’t doing either.

Various apps also started to open on their own without any prompting from me. This was more than a little annoying. For the moment I’ve uninstalled the app but I’ll give it another try at a later date in time in the hopes that the glitches will be worked out. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it then. But in all, it seems like quite the helpful little tool, and certainly better than procuring the Kindle version and reading it on the Kindle app. Those interested can read more about it here.