In the Mail

First, a brief history lesson:

On July 6, 2009 I came up with A Novel Idea and suggested that Zondervan publish a TNIV-Readers Greek New Testament diglot.

Then on April 4, 2011 I suggested much the same saying, “Produce an NIV2011 NT with the Greek text that it’s translated from” and “Zondervan really needs to jump on that and then send me a review copy as soon as possible!”

Then on March 4, 2012 I announced my Dream Come True. Zondervan was publishing that which I had been waiting for for so long! I said, “I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!”

And now a current event:

Today the wait is over. UPS knocked on the door and left a beautifully bound hardcover copy of the NIV Greek and English New Testament.

At first I was slightly bummed that the cover wasn’t Italian Duo-Tone but after further consideration I’m quite pleased with a durable hardcover. This is sure to find a place on my desk beside my NA27-NET Diglot. I’ll start using this immediately so expect a review shortly.



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