Logos 5 is Out!

This is what I was looking at a moment ago:

This is what I’m looking at now:

This is surely not the last that I’ll have to say about this! But until I have more to say, check this stuff out:

Logos Bible Software 5: http://youtu.be/uWQHdeSLeiU
What’s New in Logos 5: http://youtu.be/Os0CS1DF-Dw
What is Logos Bible Software?: http://youtu.be/2fv5jSaxQlA



2 thoughts on “Logos 5 is Out!

  1. Hey Nick, I’m really interested in your experiences with this.
    1. What upgrade package did you get, and how did the install go? From reading their forums, it seems the initial rollout has been a mess.
    2. What sort of hardware are you running on, and how is it working out? I got a fairly high-powered (at least for me) Windows 7 laptop this year, so I finally upgraded to 4. For 5 the recommended system configuration is even more demanding–6GB+ of memory! I’m wondering how it will perform with less.

  2. Sean:

    1. Last week Logos sent an email confirming a purchase that I never made. Turns out that the “purchase” was for their Silver package and they upgraded me for free. I had access to the additional 300+ books in Logos 4, which I thought was great.

    In checking my old email account I saw that someone had contacted me a while back about previewing a new Logos product that they couldn’t say much about. Presumably this was Logos 5 but since I don’t check that account all the time I missed out on an early look but I assume I was upgraded for reasons of testing/reviewing the new product. I’m not sure though.

    After Logos 5 launched on Nov. 1 I opened Logos 4 and it automatically prompted an update. Initially the update failed as I allegedly didn’t have enough space on my hard drive to complete the installation. So I went and removed to video editing programs that I never use and I tried again. This time it installed without a hitch (hence the screen shots above).

    2. I’m running Windows Vista on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L350-S1701. So far the program seems to run at least as smooth, if not a bit smoother, than Logos 4. The user interface is very similar but my understanding is that the real changes are more behind the scenes. I’m more of a casual user who likes to read and run simple searches so I doubt I’ll ever take advantage of the more powerful features. But I’ll be sure to post from time to time as I continue to use the program so keep an eye out.

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