I received a phone call a couple of hours ago telling me that there had been a fight at the barber shop I work at and that one of the barbers tackled a customer through the front window. I showed up just as they finished boarding up the window. Here’s what I arrived to:

What really makes this so disappointing, aside from the obvious, is that both participants in the brawl are brothers in Christ (albeit brothers who have both been backslidden for a while). I’ve known the customer for over a decade and the barber for at least 5 years.

When I heard the story of how they came to have problems in the first place I was floored by the absurdity of it all. When I heard about how the barber handled the situation today I was sympathetic. He did all that he could to avoid a fight but after getting hit in the face three times he tackled the customer in self-defense.

Now I have to mentally prepare myself to deal with insurance people tomorrow. Great.



3 thoughts on “Drama

  1. Dear Nick,

    One, I Cor 6 talks about one brother taking another to the secular courts.
    Two, Is this one of those instances?
    Three, Should the one suffer loss or is this one of those instances where you the other over to Satan for the buffeting of the flesh?
    Four, It just may require the one backslidden brother to file assault charges against the other backslidden brother to get the others attention.
    Five, You will need to the wisdom of Solomon on this one.

  2. Rev. Bryant: This is not an instance where either brother is going to take the other to court; at least not so far as I’m aware. They’ve both already spoken to the owner of the barber shop (who happens to be my best friend and pastor; and their pastor when they attend church as well) and apologized for the incident. I believe they’ve gotten it out of their system. I only wish I had been there to mediate. I’m sure the incident could have been avoided. So I hope and pray that we can avoid getting the law involved past filing the incident report for the insurance company.

  3. Dear Nick,

    That is good to hear. But the insurance may require a police report in order to pay for the damages; and may also go after the brothers for the damages; otherwise, it may be wise for both brothers to pay for the damages out of their own pockets. Another thing is that if the brothers pay for the damages, then the insurance will probably not be involved and there won’t be an increase in the premiums that would almost certainly occur if the insurance company gets involved. In fact, it may wise as a proof of the repentance to make restitution to the barbershop.

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