On the Cutting Room Floor

It took me a while to review Chris Tilling‘s Paul’s Divine Christology because I was struggling with exactly how I wanted to approach it. In the end I treated it like any other book I’d review whose author I wasn’t acquainted with. I won’t pretend to be neutral or completely objective, but I did give Chris the same treatment that I’d give anyone else in his position. Having said that, there was a lot of material that didn’t make the review. I found myself summarizing the content so thoroughly that it would leave no reason for readers to obtain the work for themselves, so I stopped that. I also dropped this gem, which I’m still kind of regretting:

In the interest of full disclosure—and shameless self-promotion!—I should share that I’ve been acquainted with this work in its various stages of composition since 2008. I was one of many proofreaders for the original dissertation and my name finds a place of prominence as the first words on the fifth line from the bottom of p. v in the preface. But in truth, the mention I receive is much longer and important than I’ve led you to believe. Tilling says, “Thanks to Nick Norelli for his numerous insightful observations – I await his own academic contributions with great anticipation” (v, emphasis mine). Yes, it’s true, I’m famous.

That may make it into a second edition of the review. ;-)



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