Just a Note for Some of My Well-Meaning Arminian Friends (and I needn’t remind you that I’m an Arminian)

Just because Calvinists believe that God has unconditionally elected all who will be saved before the foundation of the world; and just because they believe that God will draw them irresistably; does not mean that they believe that the gospel doesn’t have to be preached to the lost or that the elect are born already saved. Hyper-Calvinists may believe that but regular Calvinists do not (at least none of the ones I know or read do). So it would behoove you to get a little less excited when that “a ha!” moment comes and you think you have them on the ropes and ask why they bother to preach the gospel if God has already saved those whom he’s chosen.

You’re welcome.



7 thoughts on “Just a Note for Some of My Well-Meaning Arminian Friends (and I needn’t remind you that I’m an Arminian)

  1. Hey Nick,

    Are you really an Arminian? I know many people simply use the term “Arminian” to describe that they hold to a synergistic view when it comes to salvation.

  2. Great post Nick,
    It’s hard for me to remember that just because someone claims a title doesn’t mean they really believe what it stands for. I myself would say I’m non-calvinist. I haven’t felt the need to see if I agree with Arminianism or Molinism. I have, however, studied enough to know that Paul did not write Hebrews! ;-)

  3. Steelwheels,
    You know what’s funny? The more I’ve studied, the more I’ve come back around to thinking maybe Paul did write Hebrews!

    Gracias compadre. Believe it or not, there are quite a few of us Calvinists in missions. I would probably say it’s 50/50 among those who actually know what the terms mean. I’ve personally never found any conflict between frequently and freely sharing the gospel and my convictions about how God saves sinners.

  4. Steelwheels: I shall continue to pray for God to grant you vision. :-P

    Kyle: I believe it. And I don’t see a conflict either. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that God has saved everyone whom he has elected from birth. Does he not still command that the gospel be preached? Isn’t that divine mandate a good enough reason to continue preaching the gospel? I think so.

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