In the Mail

I neglected to mention this on the blog earlier (since I’ve been inundated with unexpected menial tasks throughout the day) but my signed copy of Chris Tilling‘s new monograph Paul’s Divine Christology arrived in the mail. There’s a very nice handwritten note on the first page that (1) I’ll cherish for a long while, and (2) causes me to believe that had it not been for the intervention of the Lord Jesus, Chris might have turned out to be a serial killer (they tend to have his kind of handwriting!).

This is more than three years in the making as I told Chris, “Keep me in mind for that autographed copy of the published version” on April 17, 2009. This is the copy that I will be reviewing and adding my own handwritten notes to, or perhaps I’ll just mark up the printed thesis (hard to believe that I printed and bound this thing over two years ago!) and leave this one pristine. We’ll see. I have two slim volumes to review and then all of my time will be devoted to this.

As for my review copy from Mohr Siebeck; it’s been promised to my friend Esteban, whose birthday just passed. I can think of no one more deserving. But I would heartily recommend, as I have so many times in the past, to pick up a copy of your own. I am not joking, exaggerating, or blowing smoke when I say that this is the most important book on Christology to be published in English in the last decade. And I say this as someone who has read most of the important works published on the subject from the last 30 years!



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