In the Mail

It’s getting to the point where I’ll tweet something and mistake it for a blog post. I can’t keep all of this stuff straight!

In any event, today I received a much anticipated package from Mohr Siebeck, namely my review copy of Chris Tilling’s Paul’s Divine Christology. I have a signed copy coming from Chris himself but that’ll probably be a couple more weeks. Regular readers (and irregular ones too) know well my affection for this work. I’ve stated this ad infinitum, but I’ve seen this project at various stages of its composition, so it’s extremely satisfying to see it published in a prestigious series, especially one that I feel publishes the finest monographs available on this particular subject.

Let me also reiterate that my enthusiasm for this work has absolutely nothing to do with my personal involvement as a proof reader; my personal relationship with its author; the fact that my name appears in the acknowledgements; or anything of the sort. I’m genuinely persuaded by the thesis and I think it makes a significant contribution to the field. Moreover, I believe that it’s extremely well written, full stop. Notice that I didn’t say it’s well written for a thesis. That’s because it’s just well written. Seasoned authors could learn a thing or two from the way in which Tilling turns a phrase.

But I’ll save all of my real fawning for the actual review. Oh, and I will be giving this particular copy away, but not in a contest, sorry. I have it earmarked for someone already so you’ll just have to go out and buy several of your own copies. I don’t usually advocate spending full price for expensive volumes, but in this case, I do! It’s well worth whatever it costs. I’ve read it numerous times in previous incarnations and I’m just as excited to read it in its final form. It’s that good! I’m done.



14 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. That’s just beautiful! But I thought I was slated to be number 666 in the series? ;-)

    I shall purchase this book, but I’m waiting for loan rates to go down a little more, since clearly I’ll have to refinance my car to do so.

  2. Theophrastus; I’m a bit surprised that Amazon doesn’t carry it yet, but Eisenbrauns is certainly worthy of supporting. As a matter of fact, I think they’re Mohr’s US distributor if memory serves.

    Chris; Any time. And I’m only as kind as your work warrants. Don’t worry though, the teeth will come out in the review! ;-)

    Esteban: Apparently they changed it at the last minute. ;-)

    And you shall not purchase this book! You shall receive this book, i.e., the very one pictured, as a birthday gift in the very near future. :-)

  3. Um, sorry. I fell off my chair, was knocked unconscious, and just regained consciousness after 12 hours. Seriously?! How am I supposed to top that next year?! ;-)

    Thank you so very much, my friend! This is wonderfully generous!

  4. Sam: My extra copy is reserved for Esteban, but that’s no reason to lose hope that someone else might not send a copy your way. :-)

    BTW, are you ever going to work up a “Ministry Resource” wish list like James White has? I’m sure you’d get a ton of stuff you need were you to do so.

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