Open Flame

It is a fact that everything tastes better when it’s grilled. I can’t explain the mystical connection between an open flame and superior flavor but it’s demonstrable. Case in point: I just finished eating sausage* pepper & onion sandwiches and the sausage was grilled. So much better than when the sausage is pan fried or baked in the oven (both of which yield a good product). I can’t begin to quantify why that open flame makes the sausage taste better than some indirect heat transferred through a pan or the heated up air that circulates in the oven; I can only testify that it does.

So the moral of this post is: Grill as many things as often as you possibly can!


* by which I mean sweet Italian sausage—but it’s redundant for an Italian to say “Italian sausage” since there is no other kind—at best we distinguish between sweet or hot but sweet is the default.

2 thoughts on “Open Flame

  1. Maybe it’s a combination of the effectiveness of grilling to produce the Maillard reaction as well as the slight smoke flavor from the grease dripping into the flame that makes grilling so much better. I hate living in an apartment since I can’t grill/bbq whenever I want. I live in Texas!! That’s what we do!

  2. Bryan: I feel your pain. My sister is in the same situation where she lives. Do they have a courtyard with communal grills? If not it might be worth suggesting to management.

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