Apps, Apps, and More Apps!

My pastor hooked me up the other night by putting me on the church’s phone plan and getting me a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S ll, Epic 4G Touch). The phone should be here in a few days (God willing by Monday!) and I’m in the market for some good apps. I already plan on getting Netflix, Logos, DoubleTwist, and HBOGO but I’m sure there are a ton of others out there that I should know about. Leave a comment and let me know which apps you use most frequently and find most worth while. Thanks.



4 thoughts on “Apps, Apps, and More Apps!

  1. For a music player I like Player Pro. Double Twist is ok too. I use the desktop client to transfer my itunes playlists. I also use Google Play siince I buy music from Google occasionaly and they also have that thing where you can upload music. Although Amazon also has a music player and they started doing song matching so that you don’t have to upload your music to make it available.

    Of course there are also radio apps too like Pandora and now Spotify has free radio like Pandora.

    You also might want to look at something like Headset Button Controller to configure how the headset button controls music (like single click for play and pause, hold button for volume up, double click for next track, etc.)

    I have two Google Reader accounts to keep two sets of feeds separate and they’re linked to two gmail accounts so I use both the official Google Reader app and GReader Pro. GReader Pro is much better though. There’s some helpful ways you can configure it to make reading even better. Ask me when you want to know.

    Dolphin Browser is the best web browser. Has a desktop toggle plugin that you have to download that makes switching to desktop versions of websites quick and easy.

    Beyond Pod is my podcast manager.

    Repligo is the best pdf reader.

    Mantano is the best epub read although it would be MoonReader+ if they formatted books right.

    Dropbox. I also like Foldersync for easily syncing drop box folders but there’s other programs that work well too (Dropsync).

    The official Twitter app is good enough.

    Pocket for saving articles for later.

    QuickPic for photo and video gallery.

    Handcent for texting. It also has pop up notification and quick reply that make it essential.

    Swiftkey for your keyboard.

    Google Voice for voice mail. Does visual voice mail which is so much more convenient than calling a mailbox.

    Evernote for note taking.

    Yelp for store reviews.


    Kindle app

    Zedge for finding wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds.

    Lastly you might want to look at replacing the default launcher and lock screen. If you don’t have ICS I would go with Go Launcher for your launcher replacement and get an ICS theme. For lock screen I would go with Widget Locker.

  2. There are some really useful apps that do very basic things, don’t overlook them. Flashlight zaphrox turns your phone into a MagLite torch, gStrings is a brilliant guitar tuner, UltraChron gives you excellent stopwatch and timer functions, CamScanner uses the camera to scan documents when you’re away from home, and Google Goggles is amazing – point it at anything and it will give you whatever info it can find. Google SkyMap shows you what’s in the sky and where – just point it at that star or planet to find out what it is. Instant Heart monitor is very clever, using the light and the camera to detect and record your heartrate. Cloud Print can print docs to your printer using your home PC as a server even when you’re away from home.

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